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Discover our sumptuous collection of mirrors by Robin Interiors. From large gold over mantle mirrors, to oak framed modern designer slim compact mirrors.

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    Give your interior a luxurious touch with the MATIGNON mirror. Whether you choose to hang it on the wall, or place it on a pretty piece of furniture, this mirror with its gilded frame and its moulded cornice will bring a lot of chic to your home. Colour: Gold Size: 100.5 x 78 x 3

  • The QUINCY Mirror By Robin Interiors
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    Decorate your dining room with our elegant Quincy mirror in solid oak. Its striated wooden frame will bring a warm decorative note to your room. Designed in oak, it brings naturalness and authenticity to your interior. Size: 100 x 150 cm Colour: Oak

  • Huguette Mirroire
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    Play with the HUGHUETTE oak framed mirror to personalize your walls and create a feature in your living room, above your sofa, above a long sideboard, or in a bedroom. Position vertically or horizontally or add multiple mirrors. This is a rectangle wall mirror. A modern compact mirror. Size: one size - small mirror Colour: oak framed mirror

  • Manosque Mirroir
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    This beautifully shaped MANOSQUE wood frame mirror is surrounded by solid oak and could be positioned above a chest of drawers in your bedroom or above a sideboard in your dining room. The MANOSQUE mantle mirror is an essential accessory for any home and will be sure to make a statement once in place. This is an oak framed mirror. Colour: oak framed...

  • AMANDINE extra large wall mirror, gold framed mirror by Robin Interiors
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    A large gold frame mirror which could be placed on the wall, floor or mantlepiece. This gorgeous large living room mirror is the essential decorative accessory to create a luxurious feel in your home. The vintage appearance of this mirror has been created by being hand-finished by our experienced craftsmen. This is a large wood framed mirror. Colour:...

  • The HELENE Mirror
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    This mirror can be placed on the wall or floor, horizontally or vertically - any way which suits your home! The HELENE mirror is an essential interior accessory to reflect light throughout your room. It has been made of solid pine, MDF and mirror. The gold surround has been hand-painted with an antique effect, keeping your visitors guessing when this...

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The perfect accessory for any home!

The mirror is such a fantastic accessory for your home. The mirror can reflect light, adding dimension and light to any room. The mirror can be a statement of style, elevating your design of your room. The mirror can almost be a piece of artwork, with bold colours and frames. 

Large leaning mirror? Slim mirror? Tall wall mirror?

Dimensions are vital when choosing your perfect mirror. Too large can over power a room and too small the mirror can be unnoticible. If you are in need of a small wall mirror why not consider out HUGHETTE mirror - which can be put up in multiples to make an even bigger statement. In need of an ornate gold mirror or over mantle mirror in gold then our MATIGNON gold mirror is for you. Our largest mirror in stock is our extra large wall mirror and gold framed mirror the AMANDINE.

Modern mirror? Unusual mirror? Large statement mirror?

The style of your mirror must coordinate with the room where the mirror will be installed. If you are in search of a large wooden mirror, rectangular with a bevelled mirror, then our QUINCY modern mirror with a wooden frame is the one for you. This is one of our favourites. For a modern Moroccan style home, why not consider our MANOSQUE Moroccan mirror with large wooden frame.