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Are you looking for a bookcase that will perfectly match your home office decor? At Robin Interiors, we design high-quality wooden office bookcases for any style. Whether you are more traditional, vintage, modern or shabby chic, you will find what you are looking for.

  • The FRANCOIS Bookcase
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    The FRANCOIS large bookcase has been thoughtfully designed for traditional display and storage. This bookcase with ladder has been beautifully engineered from solid pine and MDF, and is defined by its sliding ladder. This bookcase has adjustable shelving. Part of our wooden bookcases range.  Colour: grey-green or black ladder bookcase Size: one size

  • KENNETH - Shabby chic solid wood display cabinet, 2 doors
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    Brighten up your space with our KENNETH display cabinet, a classic style piece of furniture. Handcrafted, our display cabinet is distinguished by its two glass doors and six shelves, offering optimal storage space. Made of pine. Available in shabby chic white or traditional black. Furniture dimensions: Length 200 cm x Depth 48 cm x Height 180 cm.

  • The GUSTAVE Bookcase
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    Our GUSTAVE wide bookcase is very elegant thanks to its ivory, taupe or black paint finish. This apothecary-style storage cabinet, is a pine bookcase. As this is a bookcase with cupboards, the lower section has 4 cupboard doors. This is a large bookcase. Part of our wooden bookcases range. Colour: white or black wood bookcase Size: one size

  • The GASPARD Bookcase
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    The elegant GASPARD shabby chic shelves / bookcase will fit in even the narrowest of places with its minimal depth. A bookcase with cupboard and open shelves. Adjustable shelving. A wood bookcase - this is a solid pine cupboard which is the perfect place to keep all your treasured possessions. Part of our wooden bookcases range. Size: one size Colour:...

  • The ROMANE Dresser - Ivory
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    This chic dresser will add opulence to your interior. With ample versatile storage, it boasts 5 levels of open shelving ideal to house dinnerware, books, or ornaments. The 3 drawers to store things you want to keep off show.

  • DALHIA - Small wooden bookcase with 3 drawers and 4 shelves
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    The small DALHIA bookcase is an artisanal piece of furniture. With its 3 drawers, it offers discreet storage space, while its 4 shelves allow you to display your favorite decorative objects. Made of rubberwood. Available in natural rubberwood tint and in walnut tint. Furniture dimensions: Length 51 cm x Depth 48 cm x Height 179 cm.

  • DALHIA - Scandi wooden bookcase, 4 shelves
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    The DALHIA bookcase is an artisanal piece of furniture. With its 3 drawers and its door, it offers a practical concealed storage space for your dishes. Its 4 shelves, meanwhile, allow you to display your favorite decoration. Made from rubberwood. Available in walnut tint and in natural rubber wood tint. Furniture dimensions: Length 106 cm x Depth 48 cm x...

  • ARAGON display cabinet
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    Discover our ARAGON bookcase, a double wooden display case with classic and Shabby chic accents that will seduce lovers of authenticity. This handcrafted piece offers a great height of 2m30 to easily store your books and other trinkets. Made of pine. Available in black and light grey/green. Furniture dimensions: Length 170 cm x Depth 46 cm x Height 230 cm.

  • The ARAGON Cabinet - Single
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    This beautiful ARAGON china cabinet has been crafted with solid oak, pine, and veneer. 5 large shelves can be put at a range of different heights in this tall storage cabinet. Brass effect handles add a sense of luxury to this book cabinet. A study could be the perfect place for this tall display cabinet. Part of our glass fronted cabinets range. Size:...

  • ARAGON - Shabby chic wooden display cabinet
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    Discover our ARAGON bookcase, a wooden display case with traditional and Shabby chic notes, which will not fail to charm lovers of authentic style. This handcrafted piece, 2m30 high, offers you ample space to store your essentials. Made of pine. Available in black and light grey-green. Furniture dimensions: Width 80 cm x Depth 46 cm x Height 230 cm.

  • Aragon double vitrine
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    This beautiful larger double ARAGON cabinet has been crafted with solid oak, pine, and veneer. There are large shelves that can be put at a range of different heights throughout the cabinet. Detailed brass effect handles add a sense of luxury to this cabinet. 

  • TOULOUSE - Modular wooden display cabinet
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    Discover our TOULOUSE display cabinet, handcrafted to enhance your interior. With its 3 separable parts, its 9 doors and its 6 shelves, it is a real centerpiece that offers storage flexibility. Made of pine. Available in shabby chic white and traditional black. Furniture dimensions: Length 197 cm x Depth 48 cm x Height 230 cm.

  • KYOTO - Contemporary oak bedside table / cabinet
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    Immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of our KYOTO bedside table, a contemporary handcrafted piece in solid oak that will arouse your curiosity.Equipped with a door and an interior shelf, it will be your organizational ally. Made from solid oak Available in anthracite grey and brick. Furniture dimensions: Width 37 cm x Depth 50 cm x Height 62 cm.

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The home office bookcase, the charming asset of your work room

The bookcase is an indispensable piece of furniture in your office. Practical, it can be used to store books, documents, decoration, or knick-knacks of all kinds. Aesthetically, at Robin Interiors we manufacture elegant office bookcases, with a very distinct character.

Are you looking for a large bookcase that can hold all your items? Our GUSTAVE, FRANCOIS and ARAGON models are ideal for this. With a well-defined style, combining elegance, authenticity, and shabby chic. Practical, their large storage capabilities allow you to hold many objects.

If you are looking for a smaller model, we recommend our DALHIA, GASPARD and RIVE GAUCHE models.  These bookcases are perfect for holding your essentials. They fit into a narrower place and bring considerable charm to you work space.

For storing documents or other items that you do not want to display, bookcases with drawers are ideal. Also, with removable shelves, you have the flexibility to remodel the space however you want.

If, on the other hand, you want to display decor in your office, opt for open or glass bookcases. They will become the central element of your workspace and will highlight your objects.

Pair your bookcase with a wooden armchair, upholstered in a high-quality fabric such as linen or velvet. These two pieces will bring elegance to your office for sure!

Office bookcase: Which type of wood to choose?

Are you hesitating between a model made of pine, oak or rubberwood? Let us guide you.

Pine is highly prized for its soft, warm colour that blends perfectly with many decorating styles. It is a very resistant wood, allowing your bookcase to house many of your everyday objects.

Oak, on the other hand, has a shade ranging from light brown to yellow brown. It is a very strong wood and is known to have a very long lifespan. Its soft and smooth appearance enhances a room.  This wood, scattered with knots and veins, gives a unique appearance to your bookcase. A natural beauty that promises elegance to your office.

Rubberwood, on the other hand, is a naturally robust and resistant species. Its light shade blends harmoniously with many interior design styles. If you are more looking for a clean, modern touch for your office, then this is the wood for you.

Our ranges of bookcases are available in several colours. From white to black to light grey, find the perfect bookcase for your office!

For more character, you can opt for a natural shade that will match a more classic or country house style.

Want to fall in love with one of our home office bookcases? All our bookcases are made of high-quality wood from sustainably managed plantations. All the timber we use is traced according to the European FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) regulations.